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Congrats Ollie’s!

Congrats Ollie’s! “One of the countries largest retailers of close out merchandise” coming to Tulsa at 71st and Memorial! #retail #tulsa #commercialproperties #paine https://www.tulsaworld.com/business/ollie-s-bargain-outlet-to-bring-store-to-tulsa/article_e4bca630-f2d9-555a-93e6-13eabbadc0e5.html?fbclid=IwAR1kZyPg74TNdwqqhpl60lSPj96B9MgdjMnFE_11q2fr9DFhVaBdL1vI-Gs

WinCo Foods Eyes 2020 Opening in Tulsa

Discount grocer WinCo Foods is targeting early spring 2020 for the opening of its first store in Tulsa! WinCo Foods, which will build a store at 71st Street and Memorial Drive, is an employee-owned chain that prides itself on low consumer costs and bulk grocery offerings. It doesn’t accept credit cards and has no baggers.